The Roberto M. Lopez Conservation Center is dedicated to the long-term preservation of Philippine cultural heritage through conservation treatment, preventive care, and research. The Center specializes in paintings, works on paper, and books, servicing the Lopez Museum and Library collections as well as other institutions and private clientele.


Lopez Conservation Treatments are interventions that aim to restore and preserve both the tangible and intangible integrity of cultural materials. Sensitivity is given to artistic intent, socio-historical significance, and spiritual value as a treatment is designed. The technical approach employs a minimalist philosophy towards stabilizing physical damage, chemical deterioration, and restoring aesthetic intent, making use of reversible techniques and archival-grade materials in accordance with the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.


Preventive care involves active measures taken to prevent damage and to slow down the aging process. Lopez is guided by the 10 primary agents of deterioration in integrating conservation strategies in handling, framing, display, packing, transport, installation, exhibition design, and storage design. Attention is given to material vulnerabilities in cultural objects, the historic conditions in which they were stored, and their current and intended use. These inform actions such as how the object is handled; what materials are used for framing, storage and display; what levels and periods of light exposure are sufficient; and what environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, relative humidity, air flow) are appropriate.


Conservation research is undertaken in support of conservation efforts and further education in the technical history of cultural materials. Areas of interest include how objects were made and how conservation treatments and preventive measures can be improved. Research is approached through theoretical and scientific investigation that aims to produce information for evidence-based decision – making and for further scholarship in Philippine cultural heritage.


One core value at Lopez is Sustainability. Lower carbon footprint and use of local materials, suppliers and partners are prioritized in all activities where possible, and conservation strategies are designed specific to the object, the collection, the use, the building, the local tropical climate, and practical capabilities of the client.